Semi-Auto Handguns

Although John Browning didn't invent the semi-automatic pistol, it was his design and locked-breach action (which he did invent) that made the guns ever so popular.

Colt Government Model .45 in shoulder holster 1974 Colt Government Model .45 in Blue & Grey Ostrich and Alligator Shoulder Holster

John Browning developed a semi-automatic pistol in .32 caliber in 1896 and went on to chamber the guns in .25, .380 and .45 ACP cartridges. Note: ACP is the acronym for Automatic Colt Pistol. In 1911 the U.S. Army adopted the Browning designed and Colt manufactured .45 ACP as their official handgun, hence the name 1911.

1974 Colt Government Model 1911

The 1911 remained in service in that capacity for the next 75 years (1911-1985). Many say it was a mistake to replace it, to this day, this former soldier included.

A semi-automatic pistol functions by using the energy from the recoil of a single round of ammunition to extract and eject the fired cartridge from the pistol's chamber and load the next round from a magazine into the chamber for the next shot.

So just to be clear, the term automatic describes the reloading function, not the firing function. You do have to pull the trigger each time in order to fire a semi-automatic pistol.

1903 to 1976
Colt Research

The Serial Number Tables linked at the bottom of the page can identify more than 4 million Colt semi-autos from 1903 to 1976. For guns before or after those years, use the Colt Database Search.

  Colt Database Search

Colt Semi-Autos

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Colt Officer's ACP 45

Colt Officer's ACP .45

Slightly smaller than a Government Model, with the barrel length reduced.

1903 Colt .32 Pocket Hammerless

1903 Colt .32 Pocket Hammerless

The Pocket Hammerless was produced from 1903 to 1945.

1992 Colt Mustang .380

1992 Colt Mustang .380

It's like a baby 1911. This gun has a nickel finish and real factory Mother of Pearl grips.

Colt Gold Cup

1993 Colt Presentation Gold Cup

These were produced from 1983 to 1996.

1986 Double Diamond Officer's Model .45

Double Diamond

Colt issued 1,000 Double Diamond Commemorative Sets which included

Colt All American Model 2000


The Remington RM380 Executive Model is made in Huntsville, Alabama.

1908 Colt Vest Pocket .25

1908 Colt Vest Pocket .25

The genuine Mother of Pearl grips added $5.75 to the $16.50 base price of the gun for a total new purchase price of $22.25 in 1916.

1974 Government Model 1911

1974 Government Model 1911

For more than 100 years the Colt Government Model 1911 has been

Colt All American Model 2000

Colt All American Model 2000

20,000 of these guns were produced from 1992 to 1994. Double Action with 15+1 rounds of 9mm ammo.

1908 Colt .380 Pocket Hammerless

1908 Colt .380 Pocket Hammerless

Pair of .380's, 24kt gold plated, fully engraved with mother of pearl.

1968 Baby Browning .25

1968 Baby Browning .25

The 1968 Gun Control Act stopped the importation of these guns.

1911 Military Model

1911 Military Model

Back in 1980 I purchased one of the Remington Rand guns listed here. On the second day I owned it...

SIG Sauer TALO Custom
Works P320 AXG Classic

The last time I bought a "new" handgun was 2015. This all metal-framed and real wood gun, produced in limited numbers in 2021, was just too special to pass up.

This is the first and only handgun chambered for the 9mm Luger I've ever owned. The cartridge was developed by Austrian firearm designer Georg Luger in 1901. The 9mm and .40 S&W are the only rounds absent from my arsenal, so Benny sold 100 rounds of Winchester ammo to me for $43 today. With three 17 round magazines, those will get gobbled up quickly.

A 21st Century Gun

The Custom Works P320 AXG Classic features the newly developed AXG metal grip module, precision machined with deep undercuts, and an extended beavertail for an ergonomic, comfortable fit, and is fitted with custom Hogue Walnut Grip panels for complete control.

At first glance I thought, hmm, a beavertail without a hammer. Once I got the gun in hand, the familiarity of the beavertail was appreciated.

TALO commissions limited editions of firearms from gun manufacturers and distributes them to stocking sporting goods dealers across the U.S. Now I have a gun from each decade of the 21st Century and two are TALOs; that S&W made Walther TALO from the 00's, the Remington RM380 from the 10's and now this SIG Sauer TALO from the 20's.

2021 SIG Sauer TALO P-320AXGCA-9-CW-CL-R2 P320 AXG Custom Classic 9mm
2021 SIG Sauer TALO P320 AXG Classic

The P320 was chosen to replace the Beretta M9 as the United States Armed Forces' main service pistol.

"TALO was established in 1965 by fishing and hunting wholesalers and is an acronym for Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma."

  SIG Sauer P320

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