Outside Waist Band

custom made shoulder holster by The Southern Trapper

This is my Colt Gold Cup, which is a full-size 1911 in a Rafter S holster. This holster is made from Elephant hide and has a Lizard hide band. This rig was custom made for me back in 2002 at a cost of $350. It looks as good today as it did back in 2002. Unfortunately this maker has gone out of business in the intervening years.

Rafter S Holster

custom made shoulder holster by The Southern Trapper

One thing is for sure, you get what you pay for when it comes to a really good quality custom made holster. The fact that I've carried and used this holster for 18 years as I write this, is proof of that. It's likely that this rig will be passed down in the family and used for many more years to come.

Custom Shoulder Rig

custom made shoulder holster by The Southern Trapper

Southern Trapper

custom made shoulder holster by The Southern Trapper
custom made shoulder holster by The Southern Trapper
custom made shoulder holster by The Southern Trapper

Custom made shoulder holster by The Southern Trapper

I prefer shoulder holsters and this custom made rig by The Southern Trapper is my favorite. It's made from Ostrich leg dyed blue, with straps made from Alligator hide dyed grey. The finish is matte rather than glossy. The backing is black and the inside of the holster is lined to protect the mirror bright blue finish on my Gold Cup.

I'm breaking the holster in with my nickel plated Government Model Colt.

pair of Colt Cobras, one in a holster with trigger guard and one in a holster without trigger guard
two revolvers in holsters illustrating with and without trigger and hammer guards

OWB Holsters – With and Without Trigger Guard

A pair of Colt Cobras, 1974 and 1978 guns in outside the waistband holsters, one with trigger guard cover and one without. A high quality holster is not just designed to protect your gun, but to protect you and those you come in contact with while carrying.

Fit is crucial. The tighter fit of the gun in the holster, the more wear that will be inflicted on the gun by holstering and un-holstering it. The looser the fit, the more wear that will be inflicted on the gun by carrying it.

Gun Collectors Club

Gun Leather

1992 Colt Mustang in Ostrich Holster
Bond Arms derringer in shoulder holster hanging on coat rack

How do I carry?

Over the last 39 years or so I've experimented with just about every kind of holster imaginable. When I find one I like, I keep it. When I get one I don't like, I sell it, trade it or give it away. One thing I've learned over the years is, if you see a holster you really want from a custom maker, order it. Don't delay! Even if the wait time is 10 weeks. Because the next thing you know, that maker has died, gone out of business or went through a bad divorce and his wife took everything from him, and you'll never be able to get that holster you wanted.

Today is December 30, 2019
As I'm working on updating this webpage, I see on the news where a man went to a church in Texas yesterday with plans to kill everyone. He killed two people and an armed member of the congregation pulled his concealed handgun and shot that crazy bastard dead before he could hurt or kill anyone else. It all happened in just six seconds. I had to just stop and say a prayer for all involved.

And When I'm Not Carrying
What did I just say? I'm always carrying. I should re-word that. When I'm not carrying a particular gun, it may get a rest in a special display case like the one pictured below. Old gun cases are fetching good prices these days. I paid $475 for this old Colt Case in July 2020.

Old Gun Cases

Click or tap photo to enlarge. The value of an old gun case is in the eye of the beholder. In July 2020 I paid $475 for the old Colt Case you see here. Was it worth it? Was it too much? I must say that I kind of second guessed myself on the purchase, until it arrived and I put my old 1962 Colt Python in it. At that moment, I felt good about the purchase!

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