Lightweight Double Action Revolver

Colt Cobra

The Colt Cobra from the mid-1970's is one of my favorite revolvers and my all-time favorite revolver to carry.

It was an earlier version of the Colt Cobra that Jack Ruby used to kill Lee Harvey Oswald. The serial number of Ruby's Colt was 2744LW (note the LW stands for Light-Weight). The Jack Ruby Colt Cobra was returned to his estate many years later and was sold at auction. An anonymous New Jersey gun collector paid $220,000 for it.

Historical Values

I paid $400 for the 1974 example in 1997 and $650 for the 1978 gun in 2002. If you find one of these in "mint condition", it's a great gun to collect and/or carry. Use extreme care in cleaning the finish on this gun. I have seen many examples at gun shows that appear to have thousands of tiny scratch marks from being wiped with the wrong kind of cloth.

Colt's Light Weight Double Action Revolvers included the Cobra, Aircrewman, Courier and Agent.

- Greg / Gun Collector

Colt's Light Weight Double Action Revolvers included the Cobra (1950-1981), Aircrewman (1951-1959) which was distinguished by the gold-metal Air Force medallion in the place of the silver-metal Colt medallion on the checkered wooden grips, as well as a cylinder made of aluminum alloy, Courier (1954-1956) approximately 3,000 Couriers were produced in .22 Long Rifle and 32 Colt NP, and Agent (1962-1979 and 1984-1986) the Agent was a lower-price version of the Cobra.

Cobra, Aircrewman, Courier and Agent
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The Second Model Colt Cobra

Colt Cobra: Nickel plated alloy (15 oz.), .38 six shot revolver. At first glance, the most distinguishing feature is the full-shroud surrounding the ejector rod. The Cobra was produced in calibers .38 Special, 32 Colt New Police, and .22 LR. The .38 Special Cobra was available in 2, 3 and 4-inch barrel lengths. The .32 caliber version was availble in 2- and 3-inch barrel lengths. The .22 LR Cobra was available only with the 3-inch barrel.

Some of you will recall that after a 36 year hiatus Colt brought the Cobra back in 2017. But it wasn't the same gun at all.
colt cobra
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