Pandemic of 2020 & 2021

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1950 Colt Officers Model Special .22

1950 Colt Officers Model Special .22 LR

Purchased for $1,230 in 2021. The Colt Officers Model Special target revolver, chambered in .22 LR, was sold in small numbers between 1950-1952.

1972 Model 19-3 Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum

1972 Model 19-3 Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum

Purchased unfired in 2021 for $1,567. S&W 19-3 357 mag Nickel Pre-lock Pinned and Recessed RARE NOS (New Old Stock), Factory Box w/ Matching

1977 Colt Police Positive

1977 Colt Police Positive 4th Issue .38 Sp.

Purchased unfired in 2021 for $2,094. The Police Positive was made from 1907 to 1978, then revived 1994-1995. This 4th Series is a one-year gun, 1977-1978.

1972 Colt Lawman

1972 Colt Lawman .357 Magnum

Purchased unfired in 2020 for $1,555. A working man's gun in the truest sense of the term. The Lawman is one of those guns that, as I reflect now...

1972 Colt Government Model 70 Series

1972 Colt 70 Series .45 Government Model

Purchased unfired in 2020 for $1,706. After selling one of the "safe queens" that I knew we would never fire, I bought this gun to replace the one gifted to ...

Walther PPK/S .380 Talo Royal Eagle Premier Limited Edition

2008 Walther PPK/S .380 Royal Eagle Premier

Purchased unfired in 2020 for $1,945. PPK is the abbreviation for Polizei Pistole Kriminal. The "S" in PPK/S stands for Sport or Sporting. The PPK/S was...

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Things to Remember

When buying a gun online, consider the following before clicking the "Buy It Now" or bidding in an auction...

There will be sales tax added to the final price depending on your location, not the sellers location. There will normally be shipping fees added to the final bill. And often times there are additional fees passed along to the buyer for credit card processing if you pay with a credit card.

"These extra costs add up! And should be factored in to your decision in the buying process."

Author with Colt Gold Cup
Author with Colt Gold Cup Purchased through an Online Auction

Also remember, after you settle up with the seller, you will still likely pay a fee to your FFL when the gun arrives. Getting caught up in the excitement of finding a special gun can lead to overlooking these extra costs that are involved with buying a gun online, so don't forget. I also want to add that paying with a credit card may offer some protection to you as the buyer that you may not have if you pay with a money order or cashier's check.

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