A Golden Age

Post-War and Pre-64, which coincides with the Baby Boom Years of 1946-1964

Winchester Model 42 Double Diamond
1960 Winchester Model 42 .410

Every old gun collector must decide what exactly they want to have in their collection. It actually took me years to come to the decision of trying to narrow the scope of my collection to the Post-War Baby Boom Period of 1946 to 1964.

Savage Model 99 .250-3000
1949 Savage Model 99 .250-3000

These three firearms from three iconic American gunmakers include a slide action shotgun, lever action rifle and target revolver and are all exceptional examples of that by-gone era.

Some old gun collectors limit their gun collection to only one brand and many take it a step further and collect only one model. There was a point several years ago that ninety-five percent of my handguns were Colts.

1946 Smith & Wesson K-22 serial number 250
1946 Smith & Wesson K-22 Serial Number K 250

This was the first production K-22 Masterpiece completed in 1946 and was used by the factory to showcase their K-22 line of revolvers. While held by the factory in the show case, it was updated with new features as they were developed, such as the target hammer, target trigger and special grips.

This gun was placed in the Sales Manager's office show case at the Smith & Wesson factory on February 4, 1947.

  1946 S&W Masterpiece

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