... are categorized based on several factors such as their action type, caliber, purpose, and historical era. Here are the main categories.

Choosing a Rifle

My Favorites are Medium Caliber Bolt or Lever Action

Small Caliber Rifles: Typically used for target shooting and small game hunting. Examples include .22LR and .17 HMR.

Medium Caliber Rifles: More versatile, used for a range of activities including big game hunting. Calibers like .308 Winchester and .30-06 are common.

Large Caliber Rifles: Often used for large game hunting and long-range shooting. Examples are .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum.

Rifle Ammo
A Collector's Guide

The first thing I did after buying my Model 99 .250-3000 was order a copy of David Royal's book, A Collector's Guide to the Savage 99 Rifle and its Predecessors, the Model 1895 and 1899. This is the first book to cover every aspect of the Savage 99 family of centerfire rifles from the prototypes to the last rifle produced

Winchester Rifle Stand
Winchester Rifle & Shotgun Stand

There are other solutions, even less expensive stands. But none will hold 12 long guns in as little space as this Winchester 12 Gun Rotating Display. This is the most efficient system to store your rifles or shotguns. Sturdy 'Lazy Susan' style gun rack. Constructed of steel and has a telescopic height adjustment...

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Selected Rifles

1969 Olympian Grade .270 Browning

Made by Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre (FN)

Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre (FN) in Liege Belgium manufactured these guns from 1960 to 1974 for Browning Arms Company. The rifles were based on the FN commercial Mauser action. The model was known as the High Power, which is confusing today since everyone thinks of the 9mm Hi-Power pistol by that name.

Olympian Grade Browning

Savage Model 99EG

1949 Savage .250-3000 Model 99 Hammerless Lever Action Rifle

The year was 1915 and the man was Charles Newton, a lawyer and firearm enthusiast who designed and created the .250-3000 Savage Cartridge to be used in the Savage Model 99 hammerless lever action rifle.

1949 Savage .250-3000

Winchester Model 94

1 of 1,500 made in 1978 or 1979

At the time Winchester produced these 1,500 guns, they were commemorating 5 million of the Model 94 guns being sold. Of course since that time, they sold another 2 million of the Model 94, making it the most popular sporting rifle in history.

Winchester Model 94

Gun Collectors Club Rifles

Action Type
Bolt Action Rifle
Known for their accuracy and reliability, these rifles have a bolt mechanism that is manually operated by the shooter.
Bolt-Action Rifles
Semi-Automatic Rifle
These rifles automatically reload after each shot, allowing for quicker follow-up shots.
Semi-Automatic Rifles
AR-7 Explorer
Lever Action Rifle
Characterized by a lever located around the trigger guard area, which is used to load fresh cartridges into the chamber.
Lever-Action Rifles
Pump Action Rifle
Operated by a sliding fore-end that is manually pulled back and forth to eject a spent round and chamber a new one.
Pump-Action Rifles

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