The gun you break down and stow in the stock.
The AR-7 Explorer
The AR-7 Explorer
The AR-7 Explorer

Barrel, receiver and magazine inside stock.
The AR-7 Explorer
The AR-7 Explorer
The AR-7 Explorer

James Bond

In the 1963 film "From Russia with Love", Bond brings down a helicopter with this gun. I knew right then I had to have one. Interestingly, George Stoner, the guy who invented the M-16 also invented this gun.

I consider my gun mostly a novelty. It is neat that it will breakdown and fit in a backpack. It's intended use was a as weapon for foraging or defense in a wilderness emergency. And accuracy is good enough for hunting small game at 50 yards.

So yes, get one to throw in your backpack or stow in your ATV, but be mindful of the magazine because the feed ramp, which is part of the magazine is easily damaged.

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