#1 Favorite Handgun

1993 Colt Presentation Gold Cup This 1993 Presentation Gold Cup MKIV Series 80 National Match .45 ACP has the mirror bright finish, Colt-Elliason adjustable rear sight, target post front sight, jeweled spur hammer, wide target trigger, and barrel hood, lowered and flared ejection port, National Match barrel, beveled top slide, rosewood stocks with gold medallion.

Rifles & Shotguns

Now For The Long Guns...

Winchester introduced the .410 bore Model 42 in 1933 along with the new 3" shells, as a gun for the whole family. The guns were very popular and the company sold approximately 50,000 of them up until World War II came along.

#5 Winchester Model 42

Winchester Model 42
1960 .410 Winchester Model 42

After the war ended, Winchester picked up where it had left off and really kicked things into high gear which resulted in 1946 to 1954 being the highest production years for the Model 42. Then the brakes went on in 1955 and production remained much lower but steady until 1963 when it ceased.

All my life, I had considered the Belgian made Browning’s to be superior to the Japanese made shotguns. Why did I hold that opinion? Well, it wasn’t because I had actually compared the two.

#4 Citori Gran Lightning

Browning Citori Gran Lightning
2021 Browning Citori Grade VI Midas 12 ga.

The Citori is manufactured for Browning by the Miroku Corporation in Nangoku, Japan. Browning was the first firearms company to offer factory back-boring to shotguns for reduced recoil and improved patterns. Back-boring increases the inside bore diameter to its ideal, maximum allowable specification. This reduces friction between the shot cup and the barrel, allowing the energy developed by the powder to propel the shot pellets to a higher velocity.

One of the things I have difficulty with as I grow older, is the ability to quickly identify with how many years have passed since the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s. I was graduating high school (Class of 1978) when this gun was made.

#3 Winchester Model 94
Winchester Model 94 Limited Edition II
1979 Winchester Model 94 Limited Edition II .30-30

At the time Winchester produced these 1,500 guns, they were commemorating 5 million of the Model 94 guns being sold. Of course since that time, they sold another 2 million of the Model 94, making it the most popular sporting rifle in history.

#2 Savage Model 99

Savage 250-3000 model 99 lever action in ultra super high grade, The wood is ultra deluxe grade and the blueing is fantastic. The color case on the lever shows very little use.

1949 Savage .250-3000 Model 99
1949 Savage Model 99 EG .250-3000

The year was 1915 and the man was Charles Newton, a lawyer and firearm enthusiast who designed and created the .250-3000 Savage Cartridge to be used in the Savage Model 99 hammerless lever action rifle. Newton wanted to load 100 grain bullets in the cartridge, which would achieve a velocity of 2,800 feet per second, but Savage knew that by reducing the bullet to 87 grains and obtaining the record velocity of 3,000 feet per second would sell rifles.

That brings me to the #1 Favorite Long Gun...

#1 Browning Olympian Grade .270

1969 Browning FN High-Power .270 Olympian Grade Bolt Action Rifle Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre (FN) in Liege Belgium manufactured these guns from 1960 to 1974 for Browning Arms Company. The rifles were based on the FN commercial Mauser action. The model was known as the High Power, which is confusing today since everyone thinks of the 9mm Hi-Power pistol by that name.


After Always Refusing to Pick A Favorite... I Finally Gave In!

Six months from now, my answer may be different. Pose the question another way and my answers will be different. Contemplating the favorites was a fun exercise for sure.

"Favorites are not finite. They're not fixed in stone."

The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) handgun and .270 WCF (Winchester Centerfire) rifle are mainstream, accepted and approved by the masses since 1911 (actually 1905 for the cartridge) and 1923 respectively. Whatever you do, don't go changing or qualifying the question of favorites right now. Let me just enjoy the moment and the fact that I was able to come to a conclusion.

John Browning said his favorite accomplishment was the A-5. Oliver Winchester's favorite was the steel-framed Model 1873. John Wayne's favorite gun was the Winchester 1892.

In my exercise, I kept it very simple. No subcategories were used like, semi-automatic, revolver, shotgun, rifle, hunting, target, self-defense, etc. or else my article would have taken two weeks instead of two days.

The handguns were:

  • .380, Colt, Semi-Automatic, Nickel
  • .357 Mag, Colt, Revolver, Nickel
  • .22 LR, S&W, Revolver, Blue
  • .38 Sp, Colt, Revolver, Nickel
  • .45 ACP, Colt, Semi-Automatic, Blue

Author with Browning Bolt Action Rifle and Colt Presentation Gold Cup
Author with 1993 Colt & 1969 Browning

During the process, I was not conciously focusing on any brands or calibers.

The Long Guns were:

  • .410 bore, Winchester, Pump
  • 12 ga., Browning, Over/Under
  • .30-30, Winchester, Lever
  • .250-3000, Savage, Lever
  • .270, Browning, Bolt Action

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