Model 25


The SAVAGE ARMS 25 LTWT Varminter in .17 Hornet is a remarkable combination of precision engineering and ballistic innovation, designed specifically for varmint hunting and small game.

This rifle, when paired with the .17 Hornet cartridge, exemplifies the advancements in shooting technology and the pursuit of creating a highly specialized firearm for specific hunting needs.

Zack, my son-in-law, found this one under the Christmas Tree on Christmas morning 2023.

  • ManufacturerSavage
  • Model25 Lightweight Varminter
  • ActionBolt Action
  • Caliber17 Hornet
  • Year2023
Zack with Savage 25
SAVAGE ARMS 25 LTWT Varminter in .17 Hornet
The SAVAGE ARMS 25 LTWT Varminter is crafted with a keen eye on detail and quality.

The rifle features a 24-inch barrel, which is an optimal length that balances maneuverability with ballistic performance. This length aids in achieving the flat trajectory and high velocity that varmint hunters desire. The barrel is made from high-grade steel, ensuring durability and precision. Its construction contributes to the rifle's overall light weight, making it easy to handle and transport, a crucial feature for hunters who may need to traverse various terrains.

The stock of the rifle is another highlight. Made from high-quality materials, it provides a comfortable and sturdy grip, essential for precision shooting. The ergonomics of the stock are designed to reduce shooter fatigue and improve accuracy, with attention given to the cheek weld and grip. Additionally, the rifle's stock is aesthetically pleasing, often featuring a sleek, modern design that appeals to many shooters.

Action and Trigger:

The action of the SAVAGE ARMS 25 LTWT Varminter is smooth and reliable. Known for its consistent performance, the action ensures that each shot is as good as the last, which is crucial in situations where follow-up shots might be necessary. The rifle employs a detachable magazine, which offers convenience for reloading.

A key feature of this rifle is the Savage AccuTrigger.

This innovative trigger system allows shooters to adjust the trigger pull according to their preference, a feature that enhances accuracy and safety.

The AccuTrigger is a hallmark of Savage rifles and is highly regarded in the shooting community for its crisp, clean break and minimal over-travel.

The .17 Hornet is a relatively recent development in small caliber ammunition, designed to offer high velocity, flat trajectory, and minimal recoil. This cartridge is based on the .22 Hornet case necked down to accept a .17 caliber bullet. The result is a round that achieves speeds exceeding 3,650 feet per second, making it incredibly effective for varmint hunting at ranges up to 300 yards.