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Carrying a gun to protect yourself and your family is a smart idea in today's uncertain world. While your gun can help protect and keep you safe in emergency situations, making sure the way you carry your gun is safe will help keep you protected, too. A smart, safe way to carry your gun and enjoy easy access to your weapon should you need it is with inside the waistband handgun holsters.

Inside the waistband handgun holsters are designed to mount or clip to a belt and allow the wearer to securely holster the handgun inside their pants. Many inside the waistband handgun holsters allow the wearer to tuck their shirt over the holster to allow for maximum concealment and discretion. Wearing a gun on you does not mean you want to advertise that you carry a weapon. Inside the waistband holsters are a great way to carry your weapon without it or you attracting unwanted attention so you can protect yourself without advertising the fact you are packing heat.

clip view of inside waistband holster

Inside the waist band holsters are available in many sizes so they can be ordered to fit whatever handgun you chose to carry. Models made for right handed shooters and left handed shooters are easy to find, so if you prefer to carry a holster made specifically for a right or left handed draw, finding a holster that fits your needs is easy.

Whether you are right or left handed or can draw with either hand, an inside the waistband holster will work for you since there are also ambidextrous models available. In addition to being user friendly for right or left handed shooters, many inside the waistband holsters feature a self locking design to help keep you safe from accidental fires and injury.

Inside the waistband holsters can accommodate almost every type of semi automatic weapon, even those with flashlights and barrel mounted lasers. So no matter what type of weapon you chose to arm yourself with, you can conceal and carry it safely, securely and enjoy easy access with an inside the waistband holster.

against the body view of inside waistband holster

Inside the waistband handgun holsters are designed to be slim and go unnoticed by both the public and yourself. A properly fitted holster should leave no visible outline and it should never be uncomfortable for you to wear. If you find the holster is rubbing against your skin, simply wear a t shirt to add a thin buffer and reduce friction and chaffing. The key to finding the most comfortable and least noticeable holster is being sure you buy the right size for your gun and any reputable holster dealer can help you get the right fit.

Carrying a weapon for protection is simply a smart way to protect yourself in the face of any threat or emergency situation. Made to allow you to carry your gun with discretion while allowing you a clean, easy draw an inside the waistband holster is an ideal way for you to carry and conceal your gun every where you go, no matter where you go. Never be caught off guard, unprotected or vulnerable simply because you do not want your weapon to be seen or have a fear of accidental discharge.

Invest in an inside the waistband holster and carry yourself and your gun with confidence knowing you can protect yourself on a second's notice any time the need arises. Go online or visit your favorite sporting goods or gun supply shop today to see what models fit your gun and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are always armed and always ready.

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A high quality holster is not just designed to protect your gun, but to protect you and those you come in contact with while carrying. Fit is critical. The tighter fit of the gun in the holster, the more wear that will be inflicted on the gun by holstering and un-holstering it. The looser the fit, the more wear that will be inflicted on the gun by carrying it.


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