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outside waisteband holstered gun


Arming yourself is not only your second amendment right, it is a smart choice in today's world. Carrying a weapon with you at all times is the best way to protect yourself against attacks, assaults, break ins, carjackings, robberies and other emergency situations where your very life can depend on your ability to defend and protect yourself, your family and your property.

An easy and convenient way to carry your gun safely and keep yourself armed and ready no matter what challenges or emergencies you face is with an outside the waistband handgun holster.

Outside the waistband handgun holsters allow you to open carry your weapon and give you easy access to your gun should the need arise for you to use it. Conveniently attached to your belt or pants waistband, outside the waistband handgun holsters can be worn high and close to the body. Worn just slightly behind the hip bone in the four o'clock position, outside the waistband handgun holsters can be easily concealed beneath a jacket or a long, untucked shirt so no one needs to know you are armed unless they need to know you are armed.

Carrying a weapon is for your protection, not an open invitation for a fight or trouble so having the ability to easily conceal your weapon without restricting access makes outside the waistband handgun holsters the top choice for many gun enthusiasts.

owb holster for 1911 and extra magazine

In fact, outside the waistband handgun holsters are favored by military personnel and police for their unparalleled safety and ease of access. If anyone understands the need for handgun safety and quick access in every situation, it is military and police personnel. If these weapons experts and professionals trust their safety and protection to an outside the waistband handgun holster, you can feel good about entrusting your safety with one, too.

Whether you draw and shoot with your right or left hand, you can find an outside the waistband holster that will work for you. Wearing an outside the waistband holster helps keep your weapon close without sacrificing comfort and safety. With outside the waistband holsters, your weapon is close by your side without rubbing you, chaffing you or pressing uncomfortably against your skin as you sit, walk, drive or engage in normal activities.

As with all gun holsters, the key to finding the safest, most comfortable fit is ensuring your holster is a perfect fit for the weapon you are carrying. Outside the waistband holsters come in a variety of sizes and materials so finding the perfect one for you should be easy. Go online or visit your favorite sporting or gun supply store to see what models they offer and to find the perfect fit for your handgun.

owb holster for 380 and extra magazine

Carrying a weapon to protect yourself, your family and your property is of no use if you cannot get to your gun quickly and in one fluid motion should the need arise.

An outside the waistband handgun holster will keep your weapon close at hand and give you security and easy access should you need to draw and fire your weapon.

Arming yourself with a handgun and carrying it with you where ever you go is one of the only ways you can be sure you are safe and protected no matter what emergency or situation you face. With an outside the waistband handgun holster, you can carry your weapon at all times without worrying about accidental discharge or advertising your weapon if you prefer it to go unnoticed. Protect yourself, your family and your second amendment rights by carrying your handgun and wearing a high quality holster that will give you security and protection everywhere you go.

owb holster for colt officer 1911 and extra magazine
The three OWB holsters featured here were all custom made for my Government Model 1911, .380 and Officers Model 1911.

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A high quality holster is not just designed to protect your gun, but to protect you and those you come in contact with while carrying. Fit is critical. The tighter fit of the gun in the holster, the more wear that will be inflicted on the gun by holstering and un-holstering it. The looser the fit, the more wear that will be inflicted on the gun by carrying it.


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