This Southern Trapper shoulder holster is one of my favorites...

When I called the guys at Southern Trapper to have them create this special blue & grey holster for me, my intention was to use it with my bright blue Gold Cup that has the mirror finish. It turned out that I'm using it with my nickel Government Model instead.

"A really good holster can last a lifetime, and then some. But when you find one you really love, buy two if you can!"

There are only a handful of custom makers still in business that I can speak to from personal experience. Southern Trapper is about as good as it gets, in my opinion. This particular holster is the most expensive shoulder holster I've ever purchased, but I know one thing for sure. It will likely be around long after I'm gone.

Author inspecting Southern Trapper shoulder holster mag carriers
Southern Trapper Custom-Made Shoulder Holster Mag Carriers
Custom Made Shoulder Holster with a Colt Government Model .45
Custom Made Shoulder Holster
1950 Colt Detective Special in shoulder holster
1962 Colt Python in shoulder holster

Shoulder Holsters

The Blue Ostrich & Alligator rig for my .45 was custom made for me by The Southern Trapper. This holster is as good as it gets, period. In the photos I have my Government Model, a Detective Special and a 4 inch Python.

The shoulder holster for my Colt Detective Special is an all-time favorite of mine. It has an elastic piece that holds the gun firmly in the holster yet allows for rapid draw of the weapon. A newer version of the upside-down vertical shoulder holster is what I use to carry one of my Colt Cobras with routinely. This shoulder holster for my Colt Python requires a belt because it does not have the clips that attach to the pants waist band.

The double gun rig has your main gun on the primary side and an extra magazine for it along with a smaller back-up gun on the secondary side. The counter balance of weight is an added benefit.

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Not just for big guns

1950 Colt Detective Special in shoulder holster
2.5" Python
1962 Colt Python in shoulder holster
Bond Arms .410/.45
Colt Officer's Model and Colt Mustang with extra Officer Magazine in a Bob Mernickles Custom Holster
Bob Mernickles Custom Holster
Southern Trapper, Bob Mernickles and Guns Leather Etc shoulder holsters hanging on coat rack
Southern Trapper, Bob Mernickles and Guns Leather Etc

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