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Carrying a gun to protect yourself and your family is a smart idea in today's uncertain world. While your gun can help protect and keep you safe in emergency situations, making sure the way you carry your gun is safe will help keep you protected, too. A smart, safe way to carry your gun and enjoy easy access to your weapon should you need it is with the right holster.





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A high quality holster is not just designed to protect your gun, but to protect you and those you come in contact with while carrying. Fit is critical. The tighter fit of the gun in the holster, the more wear that will be inflicted on the gun by holstering and un-holstering it. The looser the fit, the more wear that will be inflicted on the gun by carrying it.


long gun case

Gun cases that are good for transporting long guns. For my single-barrel Trap guns, I like the leg-o-mutton style cases.
shoulder holster

Some state laws require the use of a holster when carrying. If you routinely wear a jacket or sport coat, you may find a shoulder that will work best for you.
IWB holster

Inside the waistband handgun holsters are designed to mount or clip to a belt and allow the wearer to securely holster the handgun inside their pants.
OWB holster

This OWB hip or belt holster is a vintage Bucheimer holster with "thumb-break", made for my Colt Cobra light weight.
wallet holster

There are so many different varities of gun holsters. This wallet holster, custom made for me by Ron Graham is the best example of creativity I've seen.