An "old-gun" guy like me will go out and buy a new gun, or four...

I've never been a fan of two-tone guns (stainless-steel slide atop an anodized-aluminum frame, it is similar to my Baby Browning that's not really two-tone, so much). Never owned one until now. They just seem like they've been assembled from a bin of parts that don't necessarily belong together. Well, I get what Remington is doing here, and I'll admit that it's growing on me. I've also never been a fan of plastic grips, but it seems Remington can make these grips from Laminate Macassar, which look like plastic, but makes you like it.

"The Remington company was founded in 1816. It went defunct in 2020."

A good friend of mine, whose son-in-law works for Remington, asked me why I didn't buy the 1911 models that are made in Huntsville. I responded quickly, "they ain't Colts."

Author with RM380
Remington RM380 Executive Model

At the time that I bought these guns, I didn't think of them being collectible at all. But two short years later, Remington is gone, parts and pieces of the company sold off to six or seven different companies.

RM380 Executive Model

RM380 Executive Model

The Remington RM380 Executive Model is made in Huntsville, Alabama. I recently purchased four of these ($400 ea.), one for myself and one for each of my three adult children. These are fantastic pocket pistols and in my opinion, very fine personal protection guns for up close self defense. Remington bought out Rohrbaugh Firearms in January 2014. Rohrbaugh developed quite a reputation with its R9 9mm ($1,000) from 2002 - 2013 and was already producing a .380 version when the company sold.

RM380 Executive Model

RM380 Executive Model

The RM380 is a redesign of the Rohrbaugh 380 pistol, itself a version of the 9x19mm Rohrbaugh R9. The two models differ most notably in the location of the magazine release and the incorporation of a slide stop on the Remington. While the Rohrbaugh used a heel-magazine release at the base of the grip, the RM380 release is located at the rear of the trigger guard. Again, in my opinion this is a quality gun for the price!

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