The Smith & Wesson Performance Center Allegiance Fixed Blade

Limited Issue

The Smith & Wesson Performance Center Allegiance Fixed Blade features a 4″ 14C28N stainless steel drop point blade with a mirror-polished finish and cocobolo handles. This full tang fixed blade is .14″ thick and features brass pins and S&W shield and a lanyard hole.

Many of the major gun manufacturers also make knives. Some simply outsource the knife making. I believe Smith & Wesson actually made their knives in-house from 1974 until 1985. From 1986 until 1993, a company called Vermont Cutlery Co. made the knives for them. And today, I think all of the Smith & Wesson brand knives are actually made by Taylor Cutlery.

Smith & Wesson Pocketknife
Smith & Wesson Daily Carry Pocketknife

Some of today's knives may actually be made overseas rather than in the United States. I trust Smith & Wesson to only put their name on a quality knife. I don't particularly collect S&W knives, but I have one that I carry often. It is this sow belly design with buffalo horn scales. I have a couple of Colt knives too.

Smith & Wesson Knives
Smith & Wesson Knives

These knives are part of the Smith and Wesson survival series and have a 5 inch blade and hollow handle to store survival items. The survival series of knives were a collaboration between Smith and Wesson and Blackie Collins.

The blades of these knives were forged from a modified 440 series stainless steel and underwent a 47 step process from forging to hand polishing before being fitted to the handle. Smith and Wesson produced a few other in house knives after the Survival Series but none required the hand fitting of this series.

The boxes for these knives are marked 6010 and 6020, however, the knives are identical in appearance. The Smith and Wesson survival series is still regarded by many as the most beautiful knives S&W has ever produced in house. These knives have their leather sheaths and boxes and both remain in collector condition. Only 17,500 of these knives were produced over 30 years ago.

Smith & Wesson Knives are my favorites, from all the gunmakers. I have Colt and Winchester Knives, but they don't compare.

Smith & Wesson Performance Center Allegiance Fixed Blade
Smith & Wesson Performance Center Allegiance

Smith & Wesson has a reputation for providing top quality products to law enforcement and the military. That quality can be seen in this limited edition knife offered in the commercial market. I was fortunate to find three of these knives in the secondary market and quickly bought all three to give as Christmas gifts this year.

These knives were limited to 1,000 and are sold out. However, there are many other S&W knives to choose from.

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That old S&W pocket knife has been a favorite of mine for many years. It stays in my truck and I use it fairly often. I love the way it feels in my hand and the way it handles. When you find a good knife that you love like this one, you hang on to it.

Let me put it this way, if you are a gun enthusiast and you are looking for a good knife, you won't go wrong with any knife that Smith & Wesson allowed their name to be attached to.


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