From the Creator of the .357 Magnum: Model 19-3 Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum

  • 4 Stars

    Bill Jordan asked Smith & Wesson to make a .357 Magnum on the medium-sized and lighter K frame, rather than the heavy N frame. Production of the 2 1/2" barrel Model 19 began in 1967. Handguns and long guns from the late 1940s through the 1970s are generally my favorites. I love the feel of this K frame gun.

1972 Smith and Wesson Model 19-3 As New In Box

Purchased Unfired for $1,567 in 2021

My gun was manufactured in 1972. S&W 19-3 357 mag Nickel Pre-lock Pinned and Recessed Extremely RARE NOS (New Old Stock), Factory Box w/ Matching Label and Papers. In 2022, when this gun turns 50 years-old, I will likely come back and change my rating to 5 Stars.

Purchase Price Break-Down

  • Online Auction Winning Bid $1,350
  • Credit Card Fee $40
  • Sales Tax $142
  • Shipping $35

1972 Smith and Wesson Model 19-3 As New In Box
2021 was the Year of the S&W Revolvers

This past year I added two Colts and three Smith & Wesson handguns to the gun cabinet. All were revolvers. I also acquired three 1950s K-22 Target Revolvers to give to the son and son-in-laws as Christmas gifts. One thing this Pandemic and ammunition shortage taught me, is that now is a good time to add a .22 caliber gun to the collection.

My most fired revolver for years has been that old Python. When I last took stock of my ammo, I realized I likely have a life-time supply of .357 Magnum rounds. That was just one more good reason to add this handgun to the herd.

1K thru 5K

Here, you can identify the year of your early 70s gun if the Serial Number begins with 1K through 5K.

S&W Serial Number Table

Year of DOM
Serial Number
Serial Number
1970 1K1 1K39500
1970 2K1 2K22037
1971 1K39501 1K99999
1971 2K22038 2K55996
1971 3K1 3K73962
1972 2K55997 2K99999
1972 3K31280 3K99999
1972 4K1 4K1627
1972 5K1 5K6616
1973 4K1628 4K54104
1973 5K6617 5K73962

S&W K-Frame 2 1/2"

Author's Note: When I saw this gun up for auction, I couldn't resist the thought of buying it just so I could write an article about it and my 1972 Colt Lawman, contrasting and comparing the two.

1972 Smith & Wesson Model 19-3 with 2 1/2 inch barrel

One thing I know for certain, the report of a short barrel .357 will get everyone's attention that is anywhere within ear-shot. They go bang real good.

Holsters for the

Model 19







Another K-Frame .357

The Model 65 was Introduced in 1972

There were Five Factors that came together with this gun that made it irresistible to me; the Round Butt, the 3" Barrel, the .357 Magnum Caliber, the K-Frame Size and the Full-Length Exposed Extractor Rod. This gun was my introduction to the Model 65.

"My interest in the K-Frame Smith & Wesson revolvers is well known at my local gun store."

So when a guy came in with this Model 65-3 for sale, my phone rang. John said "I have a fellow here with a Smith and Wesson you may be interested in." I dropped what I was doing and walked across the street to investigate.

Smith & Wesson Model 65-3

S&W Model 65-3
Smith & Wesson Model 65-3

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