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Ithaca 4E 1922 - 1942

Greg | 14 November 2009

The serial numbers of the NID Single-Barrel Trap Guns began with 400000 in 1922 and ended with serial number 402789 in 1942.

1927 Ithaca Flues shotgun

Ithaca 4E New Improved Design (NID) Knick (1927) - A Single-Shot 12 Gauge Trap gun with a 32" bbl, Extra-Full Fixed Choke, low vent rib, 13 3/4" Pull to Pachmayer pad, 2 3/8" drop, lightly figured walnut with pistol grip and beavertail fore-end, engraved receiver, Weight: 8lbs, 5oz. S/N: 4010xx. 90% blue, 30% case-colors, tight and excellent bore.

Only 2,790 made!

One of my favorite things to do in the Fall is go to Turkey Shoots. Here in the south a Turkey Shoot is an event where shooters compete for prizes by shooting at paper targets. My son-in-law and I carried this gun on several occassions and it performed very well.

1927 Ithaca Flues shotgun

I love the way the Trap Guns like this one break down and can be carried in a Leg-O-Mutton gun case. The smaller package is much easier to transport and decreases the liklihood that your gun will get bumped and dinged during the process of going and coming from those Turkey Shoots.

Single-barrel Trap Guns are fun to collect and shoot, especially when they are nice as this beauty. I gifted this one to one of my son-in-laws when he showed an interest in shooting.

1927 Ithaca Flues shotgun

Old shotguns like this one are not only useful tools, they are truly a thing of beauty. The wood on this gun is absolutely pristine and the checkering really sets it off. The engraving on the receiver adds to the visual asthetics as well.

1927 Ithaca Flues shotgun

When my son-in-law pulls this gun out of the case at the Turkey Shoot and begins to assemble it, all eyes are drawn to it just to see what it is. And I can tell you that the odds are 99 to 1 that it will always be the oldest gun on the range.


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