1914 - 1922

The Ithaca Gun Company first produced a single-barrel trap gun in 1914. Their guns were based on the Emil Flues three piece lock design and known as the Flues Single-Barrel Trap up until 1922 when it was replaced with a New Improved Design (NID) created by Frank Knickerbocker.

Flues Single-Barrel Trap (1914 - 1922) - This is a 1917 Ithaca Single Barrel Trap Gun - Early Flues Model Grade 4E with better grade of engravings - 12 Gauge - 32" Ventilated Rib Barrel with Excellent Bright Bore - Automatic Ejector - Factory Original Blue Finish and Color Case Hardened Receiver with Engravings in EXCELLENT Condition except for slight rub marks on left side of barrel near receiver area over chamber area - 14-3/4" LOP to Center of Pachmayr Recoil Pad - Checkered Walnut Stocks with Ebony Inlay In Forend Tip in EXCELLENT Condition - Blank Silver Shield Inlay in Buttstock - Serial# 2780xx - Tight Action.

Remington, Browning and Parker Shotguns are usually my favorite Shotguns, but I fell in love with this Ithaca 4E Flues antique Trap gun at first sight. I've read that Ithaca made a habit of producing guns for which Remington patents had expired. Ithaca really hit home runs with the Flues and Knickerbocker trap guns as far as I'm concerned!


Single & Double Trap

Serial Number Table

1914 242600 256699
1915 256700 268199
1916 268200 276899
1917 276900 289299
1918 289300 299799
1919 299800 315399
1920 315400 343335
1921 343336 356513
1922 356514 361849

1917 Ithaca Flues shotgun

1917 Ithaca Flues shotgun

Note: The Ithaca Flues Double was very popular at the time and accounted for the vast majority of the serial numbers represented in the table.


A great gun collection doesn't have to consist of all high-dollar guns!

This 1963 Colt Semi-Auto 12 Gauge is one of 5,000 shotguns made in Italy under a 5 year contract with Franchi (1962 - 1966). I purchased it in a local gun store for $500 a few years back. After researching it, I learned it's 1 of 260 with a unique serial number.

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