Left is Right and Right is Wrong

Left Handed Holster, Right Handed Shooter

Have any of you right-handed shooters ever had the notion that it would make more sense to buy a left-handed holster so that the grip of your gun would be pointed to the right when you wear the gun at the 5 o'clock position? Well, you wouldn't be the first to have the thought.

Finding the right position for concealed carry is an important first step in selecting the right holster. And sometimes this can be a chicken or egg question. Which comes first? Experimenting with different holsters and positions can yield the answer to what's best for you.

Position Template Using a Clock

clock template for indicating position of gun in concealed carry scenarios

Ocassionally I'll try something new with a less expensive holster just to see how it works. The last holster I ordered online from what I thought was an American company, actually came from Slovakia.

After trying this at the 5 o'clock position to the 6 o'clock position, I'm leaning toward getting a correct right-hand holster and moving more to the 4 o'clock position.

When nothing goes right... go left.

Sometimes I like to wear my right-handed holster on the left side, butt forward, cross draw.

RM380 in Left Hand Falco IWB Holster
Left-Handed Test Holster

If the holster has a thumb-break retention strap, it will be on the opposite side away from your thumb. In toying with this idea, I don't see how a thumb-break retention strap would be a good idea for even a left-handed IWB user who is utilizing the small of back (SOB) position.

The holster I ordered before this one came from Turkey. The price of the holster was very good but I noticed the shipping charges were $19.95, which I thought was high. I realized why the shipping cost was so much when the holster arrived.

3 Tips I Found on the Internet

In my research I found three important tips:

  • 1) Finger off trigger
  • 2) Don't sweep your body
  • 3) Practice

Most articles I found recommend against a draw scenario where you have knuckles in and palm out (away from the body) when you draw, because it requires movement that would tend to point the gun toward yourself. The argument seems to be that this would be dangerous in a close altercation.


"Not a good idea, at least not for me. I wanted to try Small of Back (SOB), but it may not be for me."

  Left-Handed Holsters


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