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Hunting and American Firearms

Hunting is a legal practice that involves pursuing wild game to either capture or kill. Poaching, as compared to legal hunting, involves the illegal hunting of wild species. Hunting has developed alongside humanity and dates back millions of years. It has become a vital part of what is broadly referred to as the primary production industry, together with fishing, forestry and agriculture.

Wild Deer


There are many different kinds of hunting that have evolved alongside technological developments as well as the requirements of the human species as we have evolved over time. The earliest humans relied upon hunting as a meaningful way to subsist and survive. Nowadays, there are virtually unlimited ways to tackle the great outdoors and enjoy hunting, whether for sport and recreation or to feed your family. Some of the main categories of hunting are:

  • - Small Game Hunting - Hunting for smaller types of game including geese, pheasant, rabbit and ducks
  • - Big Game Hunting - Hunting for large game including deer, elk, bear and bull moose, amongst others
  • - Active Hunting – Hunting that often requires covering longer distances to cover a larger amount of terrain
  • - Bait Hunting – Hunting with bait such grain, feed, corn or any number of other different kinds of bait to attract game to an area in which a hunter is lying in wait
  • - Recreational Hunting - Covers a huge range of different kinds of hunting endeavors primarily focused on the pursuit or “chase.”
  • - Camouflage Hunting - For particular applications in specific environments in which camouflage clothing and gear are necessary.
  • - Hunting with Dog Handlers - Various kinds of hunting that require humans and dogs to work in tandem in hunting efforts
Retriever with duck

In today’s modern world, there are also a wide range of micro-specific hunting adventures, such as safaris, wild game hunts in extreme environments and hunting trips to go after very specific kinds of game that require uniquely appointed firearms.


The history of hunting cannot be separated from the history of the development and evolution of the human species itself. The earliest scientifically validated and undisputed evidence of hunting can be traced back nearly two million year to early Homo erectus during the Early Pleistocene period. As you look at the history of hunting, you begin to realize that many of the early advances and innovations of early humankind were brought upon to meet the very real requirements of survival. Early humans developed weapons and tools not only to be able to defend themselves, but also to be able to hunt and feed themselves. Perhaps what is most remarkable is that hunting itself has remained absolutely vital to this very day, affecting everything from the way people interact to the way that people feed themselves and survive on a daily basis.

Retriever with duck
Some of the most popular hunting guns include:
  • - The American Longrifle
  • - Remington Model 700
  • - Winchester Model 70
  • - Winchester Model 1894
  • - Mauser Model 98
  • - Savage Model 110
  • - Marlin Model 336
  • - Ruger 10/22

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Hunting and American Firearms
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