Colt Officers Model Special 1950-1952

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    Scarce Colt Officers Model Special Target Revolver chambered in .22 LR. Also known as the 1950 built Officers Model Special. Manufactured in small numbers between 1950-1952. Serial number 61206. Features non-tapered 6" heavy barrel with ramp front sight and Coltmaster rear sight. Sold for $75 new in 1950.

What was so special about the Special when it debuted in 1950?

For one thing, it was the highest priced double action revolver in Colt's catalog at the time! You could even buy a new 1911 Government Model .45 for $65. These guns were only offered in two calibers, the .22 Long Rifle (which weighed 43 ounces, it's heavy!) and .38 Special which weighed in at 39 ounces.

Officers Model Special .22 Long Rifle

1950 Colt Officers Model Special .22 Long Rifle Ctg.

The new rear sight on this gun was designated the Coltmaster and is adjustable for both windage and elevation. That long ramp front sight sure grabs your attention right off the bat. The gun has a grooved backstrap, trigger and hammer.

Purchased for $1,230 in 2021

Seller's Description: Left side of barrel is marked " OFFICERS MODEL SPECIAL" over " .22 LONG RIFLE CTG." Right side of barrel is marked "COLT'S MFG. CO. HARTFORD, CT U.S.A.". There are no patent dates on barrel. Left frame side plate is marked with rampant Colt logo. 85% plus blue remains with wear at muzzle, sight ramp and cylinder. The revolver is fitted with real stag grips in excellent condition. Locks up tight and functions as it should. Timing is correct.

Purchase Price Break-Down

  • Online Auction Winning Bid $1,050
  • Lost 3% Cash Discount (for paying with credit card) $31.50
  • Sales Tax $107.84
  • Shipping $40
Officers Model Special .22 Long Rifle

1950 Colt

Author's Note: This gun would have originally had plastic grips, but like so many, at some point they were replaced.

The Colt Officers Model is a medium frame, double action revolver produced between 1904 and 1972, which was mainly focused on sport shooting and was available in four variants: Officers Model Target, Officers Model Target Rimfire, Officers Model Special and Officers Model Match.

Colt vs Smith in the 1950s
Author holding a 1950 Officers Model Special and K-22 Masterpiece

Colt and S&W Go Head to Head

In the 1950s these two gunmakers were at the top of their game. One is a Colt, the other a Smith & Wesson, each representing the finest factory production target revolvers of their time. Who wins?

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