Colt Commemoratives

Commemorative guns are not high on my list. In fact, they aren't on my list at all.

a 1961 Colt Commemorative
Colt Single Action Frontier Scout .22 LR

Colt 1961 Kansas Centennial Single Action .22

Colt manufactured this gold-plated (washed) single-action-.22-caliber revolver in 1961. The commemorative was only offered through Kansas dealers. The first revolver in this series was presented to the Governor of Kansas in the year of the Centennial.

My late brother gifted this gun to me. I've wanted to shoot it many times, but I always change my mind after getting it out of the cabinet. It's unfired since leaving the factory and I've read that the value is $300 to $600, the $300 being fired and the $600 being unfired.

This gun will never be sold by me because of the sentimental value, so I don't mind that it would cost me $300 to fire it just once. I do believe that one day before I die I will take it out and shoot it.

Our family has no ties to Kansas and my guess is that my brother likely horse-traded for the gun rather than buying it. I've put a note to my heirs in the case that I like to think that they will keep it and shoot it.

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