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Savage Arms and 113 Years for the Firearm Manufacturing Industry

Arthur Savage was born in 1894 and before he became one of the most distinctive personalities in the firearm manufacturing industry, he traveled all around the world, meeting new people and discovering new places. The adventures in England and Australia have only managed to strengthen the incredible qualities and abilities that man possessed. He finally decided to settle in Utica, New York and was conscious that for him, there were many more great things to come.

While supervising the building and development of the Utica Belt Line Railroad, Savage also worked on the design of the first hammerless lever-action rifle. He was deeply interested in designing and manufacturing rifles, always looking to implement the most advanced firearm technology and wanting to provide competitive prices. Arthur succeed with his first invention known today as the 99 model; he was especially proud of the steel receiver mechanism and the circular magazine. For the first time, someone had invented a rifle that provided visual display for the number of bullets existent in the receiver. And for those times, that was more than extraordinary.

Savage also had important connections with important Indian Tribes, being a very close friend of the Lame Bear Chief. They’ve made a pact in the year of 1919 in which Arthur Savage agreed to provide his famous lever-action rifles to the Indians, while at the same time benefiting from their help and protection. And if you are wondering from where the company’s logo came, you should know that it represented a very special gift from the Indian Chief and it would remain to stand under the company’s name up to this day. Arthur Savage knew that he had more to do before he could build his reputation and by 1919 he introduced the .22 caliber rifle, a new series of pistols and also started to produce innovative ammunition types.

The Savage Arms Company intensified its production during wartime and manufactured Lewis machine guns in collaboration with another powerful company in the firearm industry, Driggs-Seabury Ordnance Company. He never lost an opportunity and was always on the lookout for methods to increase profits and build up a reputation. In 1920, he even managed to purchase the famous J. Stevens Arms Company, having the ingenious gun barrel manufacturer Harry Pope working for him. But that wasn’t enough for the ambitions of Arthur Savage; he wanted more and nothing could stop him. He purchased various other companies in the firearm industry and became in no time one of the most powerful and prominent firearm manufacturers worldwide. During the Second World War, Savage catered to the firearm demands of the military, focusing especially on producing heavy munitions. Everything was splendid for Savage Arms but more changes were about to come and unfortunately not for the better.

During the 1960s and 1980s, the company was owned and transferred from one company to another. It took a man like Ronald Coburn to bring some of the old success back for Savage Arms Company. He became president in 1989 and knew that it was time for important changes. The strategy was simple and they entered the new line of production for one single model, the 110 bolt-action rifle. Step by step, Savage Arms grew again and the 1990s found them looking for technological innovations and modern materials to be used. They managed to stand up to the competition, providing affordable prices and always taking their time to hear suggestions from the clients. Taking the decision to listen what gun enthusiasts and users have to say, they’ve succeeded to come up with new and improved firearms. Once again, the name of Savage became an important one, strongly connected with the firearm industry. This time, the changes were for the better.

The invention that made Savage Arms known worldwide was the 1992 SNAIL shooting range system. Being environmentally-friendly, it was welcomed by a lot of people including other firearms companies, not to mention various police departments, military squads and even private protection agencies. In short time, Savage Arms started to distribute their products in America and in over 15 other countries. Some of their most important clients are the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the American Special Forces Brigade.

Extending their production and firearms manufacturing into Canada, Savage Arms Company respected the memory of the founder. They’ve kept on producing the .22 rim-fire rifles and also the famous lever-action rifle. In 1998, the company started to produce shotguns based on the bolt-action mechanism and also the hunting handgun, pleasuring the needs and wants of hunters worldwide. Their reputation for being one of the best was more than accounted for and in the year of 2000 Savage Arms developed a muzzleloader, the first smokeless firearm. The center-fire rifle series were also reintroduced with the well-known Magnum and everyone felt the breath of fresh air that this company brought for the firearm industry. Their products are not only of the highest quality but they stand as a testimony what innovation and enterprising can result in.

As for Arthur Savage, he is probably watching his company from above and saying to himself how proud he is.

He would probably say that Savage Arms is a company that has exceeded in excellence and quality, becoming an important name for the firearm industry. The Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence has awarded the ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ award to Savage Arms and this only goes to substantiate all the things that this company stands for. They’ve become known throughout the entire world as producers of rim-fire rifles, bolt-action rifles, combo rifles and pistols. Their newest additions are represented by the lines of pistols such as the bolt-action Striker, the shotguns and of course, the famous smokeless muzzleloader. Continuing to develop new products and improve existent ones, the future seems more than bright for Savage Arms!

The employees and the president of Savage Arms Company are proud to be part of the company that was created and developed by the man that was Arthur Savage. They maintain the same beliefs as he did and they are ready to face any challenge, maintaining the leadership in the sporting and fire arms industry. Their products are created so as to provide increased levels of handling, defined by precision and safety protection. And all the skills and talent of Arthur Savage are still reflected today in every rifle they design and produce. The notes that he had left are used even in present times with the purpose of providing forward-looking shotguns that are more than accurate and performant.

If one were to remember the stories about Arthur Savage being held captive by Aborigine tribes for a year, it would be hard to picture him as the ambitious producer of the first lever-action rifle. But he was ambitious and he was successful. Throughout time, his company has managed to develop and grow, writing history along with other important guns manufacturers. The company always managed to meet the expectations of their clients, always developing and producing revolutionary firearms. Without a doubt, the first 99 model remains one of the most popular but there are many other rifles or shotguns that bear the Savage name, being just as popular.