Which old gun do you carry the most?

They're All Colts

After almost 15 years of getting this question, I finally decided to answer it online.

I've often said "the best carry gun is one that you will actually carry, all the time. One that you can carry comfortably, can conceal well and can be utilized quickly and efficiently should the need arise." Day to day activities and how I dress often influence how and which gun I carry on a particular day.

Two Colt Cobras from the 1970s
Colt Cobra

I don't often shoot recreationally unless it's competition or serious practice (in other words, I'm not a plinker), but I always try to get in some practice time with my primary carry gun, if for no other reason than to verify that me and the gun still perform well.

Colt Mustang
Colt Mustang

Often I find that there is a big difference in guns that are fun to carry and guns that are fun to shoot. Life is filled with compromise and when I identify a gun that has the proportional qualities to be a good candidate for carry, I will carry that gun rather than let it sit on a shelf in my gun cabinet.

My best example of the difference in a "fun to carry" versus a "fun to shoot" gun, is my 1962 Colt Python. My old Python has been fired by all of my friends, yet I never carry that gun.

Shooting Events

Where I live, the liklihood of my having to draw my weapon in self defense is a lot lower than some places in our country. If that liklihood ever ratcheted up, I would likely carry my #3 gun 100% of the time. Size be damned.

Colt Government Model 1911
Colt Government Model

Remember, although some of these old guns may be appropriate for self-defense, that's not what this website is about. And if you're looking for advice on anything to do with guns, you're at the wrong place. I felt my disclaimer was worth repeating and to remind you that I'm just an old guy sharing my love of 20th Century Colt handguns.

All of these old guns have been with me a very long time. I must say that I've gotten my money's worth out of all of them and they all will likely outlast me and continue to be used for many years to come.


In February of 2021, Colt was sold to a Czechoslovakian company. While this development may or may not impact the value of my old Colts, it has caused me to reevaluate carrying these old guns on a regular basis. There are routinely occasions where my gun must be left unattended in the console compartment of a vehicle, something I really don't like to do. But again, there are times that it is unavoidable.

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My Top Three

Old Carry Guns

Colt Cobra


I've carried this Cobra practically everyday for a very long time. It originally shipped from Colt to Birmingham, Alabama on June 17, 1974.

Colt Mustang


I've carried this Mustang almost as much as the Cobra and most often in a pocket holster. It originally shipped from Colt to Lorain, Ohio on December 10, 1991.

Series 70 Government Model 1911 Colt


And when circumstances permit or call for it, I carry my 1911. It originally shipped from Colt to Merrill, Wisconsin on December 9, 1974.

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