50lbs Capacity Gun Accessories Car Mount Magnet

By Prepcision

This gun holster for vehicle can be installed using the 4 stainless-steel screws in the pack. It can easily be attached inside your vehicle, at the office, under a cashier desk, on the bedside, doorway, or table.

Keeping your pistol on hand is easier with the Prepcision quickdraw pistol mount! Secure, safe, and easy to install, this Prepcision gun mount is a must-have for all pistol owners. This magnet gun mount is made of premium ABS material that will pass the test of time. It can hold up to 50 lbs. for more security and sturdiness. the magnetic construction is robust and reliable.

Precision Quickdraw Gun Magnet
Precision Quickdraw Gun Magnet

This car gun mount has a universal design that can fit most pistols on the market. My RM380 pairs perfectly with it. Trust me, once you start thinking about where you want to mount it, you will want more than one!

Gun Holster for Trucks, Cars, Cashier, Bedside

The magnet in this device is extremely strong. My son-in-law showed me that you can even rack the pistol while it's held in place. The gun holder won't damage the finish of your gun in any way.

Gun Holster for Trucks, Cars, Cashier, Bedside
For Trucks, Cars, Cashier, Bedside Use

This was a Christmas gift from my daughter and son-in-law. I must admit I was skeptical at first, but as soon as I tried it with my Remington RM380 Executive Model, I was impressed. Where to put it? I want one in my truck, in my garage, in my office and bedroom. I may need five of them.

Keeps your pistol safe and on hand in case of emergency.

  Truck Gun Holder


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