How Old Does A Gun Have To Be?

21st Century Guns

Remington RM380

2015 RM380

The Remington RM380 Executive Model was made in Huntsville, Alabama.

SIG Sauer P320 AXB Classic

2021 SIG Sauer P320

The SIG Sauer P320 AXB Classic made by the Custom Works in 2021.

Everyone Has Bindspots

My Blindspot Has Been New Guns...

While recently searching the term "TALO" on a gun auction website, I came across this 2021 gun. After researching it a bit, I decided to buy it. This type of gun would have never even came to my attention were it not for TALO. And I have to say that I'm extremely happy with this purchase.

"After making the decision to buy this 2021 gun, I searched for it specifically and found 5 or 6 for sale."

The price of the examples I found varied by $200 to $300. One of the guns for sale was being offered by a highly rated store just one state away from me. Luckily, their price was next to the lowest. The lowest priced offering was from a seller that I had made a purchase from a few years ago, then they were unable to deliver the product (I think it was a holster). It took them a very long time to refund my money or even communicate. So, no way was I going to buy from them again, even at a $100 discount.

New Gun
Newest Gun When I First Opened The Package

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