Organizing & Cleaning My Gun Cabinet

If you're like me, you may let certain things go, saying oh I'll get around to that but I don't have time today. It's called procrastination, which is a natural way to regulate happiness by avoiding something unpleasant. But when it comes to my gun cabinet, I have a habit of putting more things in there than I take out and sooner or later that will catch up to you and you will be forced to take action.

Gun Cabinet (Before)

Gun Cabinet Before Cleaning and Organizing

None of my guns are "Safe Queens" and they all are loaded. But I take good care of my guns, whether I'm at the range shooting them or storing them until the next time I get one out to carry or shoot. As I sit here writing, I look across the room and marvel at how much better it looks. I feel real satisfaction with a job well done.

Gun Cabinet (After)

Gun Cabinet After Cleaning and Organizing

There was only one way to organize my gun cabinet. I was going to need a bigger cabinet, or a second cabinet to store all of my accessories and ammunition in. I knew that a second cabinet would work better for me, so I began looking. A friend of mine has an Antique Auction business where he liquidates estates about six times per year and it just so happened that he had an auction coming up.

Second Cabinet

Extra Cabinet for Storage with Hidden Secretary
Gun Stuff Cabinet

Now I realize at first glance one might think, "that doesn't look like a storage cabinet for gun boxes, magazines, speed-loaders, extra grips, holsters, gun tools, ammunition and other gun related items." It is true. This cabinet was not designed for my specific purpose, but I love it and it actually does what I needed very well.

Tip: Never, ever think for a minute that you can store your gun stuff in a closet that is shared with your wife. Just don't try it. Unless it's long-gun boxes stored on a really high shelf.


How organized are you?

For me, I tend to let things go for a good while, then suddenly undertake a major project of cleaning and organizing to the max, only to let it go for an extended period of time, and then have to do it all over again.

"A place for everything, and everything in its place."

Believe it or not, I know where everything is. My wife is a clean freak, but she stays away from my gun cabinet. Once a year I will take everything out and clean and organize as I put it back in the cabinet. This system works for me, at least until I accumulate more stuff than my cabinet can possibly hold.

Finding just the right cabinet for your guns and accessories can be a challenge, but there are some really great cabinets and storage safes available on Amazon if you prefer modern and you really don't want to spend a small fortune. And if security is a concern, you just about have to go modern.

Second Cabinet

Extra Cabinet for Storage with Hidden Secretary

How cool is this? Very cool in my opinion, as unconventional as it might be. I'm just getting things settled in and figuring out what will work best, but I can already say that I'm enjoying this cabinet very much. In fact, I can say with confidence that I believe the French are as good at making cabinets as Americans are at making guns. At least back in the day when this was made. Think of the quality that has allowed this cabinet to reach the ripe old age of 150 years old and still look and function like this!

Surprising Feature

Antique French Cabinet with Hidden Secretary

There was only one way to accomplish my goal...

Get a second cabinet... for all of the stuff that was crowding my guns. So I went to an antique auction and bought this beauty. You could probably guess that the guy that loves old guns would also love an old cabinet to store his gun related stuff in.

My entire weekend was taken up with this project, but I enjoyed every minute! And I'm really pleased with the end result. We are two weeks away from a Presidential Election and I have to say that this project provided a distraction that has been very good.

One reader suggested that my new cabinet is a Semainier Chest...

A semainier is a French Ladies Lingerie Chest and would have seven drawers, one for each day of the week. As you can see my cabinet has six drawers, but two of them are replaced with a hidden Secretary, so no, it's not a semainier! The French word "semaine" literally means "week" and a Semainier Chest must have seven drawers, one for each day of the week.

Escritoire Bureau? Perhaps, but I like to call it my Gun Stuff Cabinet. Out of curiosity I researched it a bit and found an almost identical piece not in nearly as good condition as mine located in Sofia, Bulgaria that was labeled 19th Century French Marble-Top Secretaire Bronze Decoration Napoleon III Period.

Secretary can describe an entire piece or just a section of a piece of furniture. Technically, the term secretary only describes a section of this piece of case furniture and is not a term to describe the complete piece of furniture like the antique dealer in Bulgaria is doing. I found a second one in Vero Beach, Florida but the condition was terrible. Antique cabinets are like old guns, in that if you have to rebuild, replace parts and refinish you lose a lot of the value.

One reader inquired about where to get the acrylic handgun display stands, so here's a link to the Countertop Gun Display Clear Acrylic.

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Update September 24, 2022

Well, It's Been Almost Two Years And It's Time To Clean The Gun Cabinet Again...

Many glass cleaners leave moisture behind. Hope's Perfect Glass cleaning spray is a 100% streak-free glass cleaning spray that is specifically designed with a no-residue formula to eliminate the haze and moisture other glass cleaners leave behind. Cleanliness and humidity control are my two major goals with the gun cabinet.

3 Silver Dollars and a Stack of $2 Bills
3 Silver Dollars and a Stack of $2 Bills

You just never know what you might find, that you had forgotten all about. I found three silver dollar coins and a stack of two dollar bills stored away, that I had forgotten about. Those really don't belong in there. What was I thinking?

When I start finding items that I had forgotten about, I have to wonder if I just missed some of this stuff the last time I cleaned out the gun cabinet. I admit to getting old and forgetful, but I'm beginning to think I just missed some of this stuff the last time I cleaned out the cabinet.

cleaning the gun cabinet
Cleaning the Gun Cabinet

Instead of doing this every-other year, I may need to start doing it annually. Staying organized with my hobby is not my strong suit. Lately, I've been considering taking inventory on my ammunition. If I have a significant amount of ammo for which I no longer have a need, perhaps I could trade it or maybe just give it to a friend that has a firearm in that caliber.

Gun Safes for Home Defense & Security

A gun safe has never been on my priority list. But we have a new grandson that I'm thinking may want to get into everything he can when he is old enough to walk. So lately I've been thinking about it more and more. I'm pretty sure that within the next six months I will have one. I'm starting to look at what is available.

It's almost funny that our home is so protected from the outside, but I need protection for a little fellow on the inside. I'm not really concerned about the fire protection and I think that is a big cost factor with gun safes. I am concerned with the weight of the safe, as I want to put it in my office at home and it's not like I'm setting it on the concrete floor of my garage.

cleaning the gun cabinet
Cleaning the Gun Cabinet

One of the things I uncovered, stored way in the back behind a case, was this old Lefty Lewis holster. I bought this holster for my wife many years ago, specifically because it has the trigger well covered when her .38 Colt Cobra was holstered in it. She stopped keeping the gun in her console of the car two years ago and I stored the holster in the gun cabinet. I have a place for all of the spare holsters now and it is going to join the others.

Lefty Lewis Holster
Lefty Lewis Holster

While I was stowing the old Lefty Lewis holster, I realized that there is a shoulder holster for my Colt Mustang that is missing from storage. Being organized is really important, and that realization strikes home hard when an item goes missing.

I found some ammo in the gun cabinet
I Found Some Very Old Ammo Too!

  Gun Safes

Amazon has some great gun safes that will deliver to your home and I'm planning to get one in the next six months. I will show photos and review it once I have it set up in my home office.

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