Buying A Gun Safe:

If you're thinking of buying a "gun safe", consider these thoughts. If you are a true gun nut (and you probably are if you're considering the purchase of a safe for your firearms), always buy a safe that is larger than you think you need. A good quality safe will inevitably end up storing more than just your guns. Look for "fire resistance", but don't over pay for some pie in the sky claim. Look for "re-lockers". Re-lockers are hardened pins that are triggered during an attempted break-in. Re-lockers will require hours of drilling to defeat. And lastly, shop, shop and shop some more. There are a lot of different safe makers out there.

Using A Gun Safe:

Consider storing your ammo separate from your guns, (not a good idea if you need it quickly, but could pay off in certain situations). Placing your gun safe in plain site in a high traffic area of your home might not be a good idea. Storing your power tools or cutting torch next to your safe might be a mistake. And lastly, consider attaching your gun safe to the floor or wall or both.

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